Barn dancing




It’s been a busy time at Barnhillies barn, getting it cleared and ready for my Degree Show.  Murray Shaw kindly moved all the hay bales, letting the light stream in.  I plan a ‘virtual installation’ – a film loop which will accompany the work I show at Edinburgh College of Art in May/June.  Next, the big lorry from Dumfries Timber Co arrived, delivering sheets of MDF for the third and largest piece in my Rhinns triptych. This will measure 4.5m x 3.6m.  Although I like to work on the floor, I’m seriously thinking of acquiring some scaffolding.


The ‘barn launch party’ was a workshop for the Spring Fling Rural Mural artists – enormous fun, now known in our follow-up emails as the “Sprayathon Fun Day“, which just about sums it up.  My workshop in the afternoon was all about the materials I use, linking my work to the rural farming community.


A huge thank you to Damian Rothwell, who helps us around the farm.  He has become an invaluable artist’s assistant, installing my finished pieces.  All I have to do now is create some new work…
Watch this space!