I live on a small farm in The Stewartry of Kirkcudbrightshire – a quiet backwater in Dumfries and Galloway.  In 2006 we bought Barnhillies  – the perfect place to pursue my two passions – art and conservation.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
I am inspired by the landscapes of the Galloway Hills and, in my large abstract paintings, I seek to capture the wildness and play of light unique to this region.  These are contrasted with vignettes and ‘found sculptures’ representing the microcosm of bio-diversity.
My work is a requiem to the passing of old worlds, both human and natural – the old drovers’ roads, the isolated bothies, the flocks of curlew and snipe, the acres of bog myrtle – I pay homage to these and try to capture their spirit.  My art is closely linked to the conservation work we are undertaking on our small farm in The Stewartry.  I use non fine-art materials, reminiscent of the history of this rural community – bitumen, lime-wash, sheep dyes, grooming chalk, rusted metal and wood panels cut from our own felled timber – all are used to convey nostalgia for a passing era and as commentary on the loss of habitat caused by intensive farming methods.

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