Works in progress

The autumn’s nearly over now and we still haven’t found the right moment to cut the hay field, maybe we’ll have to put the sheep in during the winter.  It’s been a wonderful year for insects, flowers and birds; this year’s stars being the swathes of black knapweed, a large charm of goldfinches and dozens of martins and swallows. It was a joy to share the flower meadow with colleagues from the Older Emergent Artists’ Residency at Cove Park.  We’re working on a collaborative project, with a working title Time Field, all about our perspectives on older people being ‘walking history’.  Here are Kate Clayton and Lesley Wilson doing some improvisation work together:


Meanwhile, I’m also pressing on with my own project, Coronach (Song for the Dead), a requiem for the bird-life that once was so prolific here.  As ‘walking history’, I carry in my head the memories of huge flocks of lapwings, starlings and greenfinches – all gone.


Sparrow hawk

I’ve taken over the old stable barn for this site-specific installation of paintings, drawings, found sculptures and video.  Once again, I’m following my fascination with ‘play of light’.  and hope to have it completed by the spring.


Coronach – Work in progress






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