It’s all about space

My last blog ended with the cliff-hanger – “watch this space”.  So here it is:

A3 Rh3


The Rhinns triptych is complete now – you can see it all on Youtube .   I was well out of my comfort zone working at such height, not least because starlings, nesting above it, often chose to whizz past my head!

In fact, I’ve been out of my comfort zone for weeks, now – fighting gremlins on our slow broadband to get my artist’s book to publish and filming and editing the installation of Tanasg, but as “they” say (annoyingly) “No pain no gain” I now have some new skills under my belt and everything ready for my Degree Show.  The installation film loop takes the Tanasg ideas a stage further- Tanasg is gaelic for ghost, and this  movie is both a requiem for and a celebration of the natural world.


So now, it’s just a few days until I take my work to Edinburgh and install it in another space.  I’ve learned so much about how works interact with the space they’re in – the work affects the site and the site affects the work; it’s all a bit ‘smoke and mirrors’.  Currently the studio space at ECA is being transformed from a busy workshop into a gallery.

Watch this space: