This series of works on calico was a site-specific installation for the LANDWORKS exhibition, designed to capture the play of light at Edinburgh Arts Complex Gallery 1.

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sheep dye, stock-marking spray, bitumen, lime-wash and cobalt on calico sheep-shearing bags. They are hung from old water-gate timbers, tractor chains and hooks.  2013.


These paintings are modular and can be re-configured to suit specific sites.

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Bitumen, lime-wash, barn paint, varnish and stock-marking spray on MDF,2013.        3.9m x 3.5m


Again, these works are modular and can be hung singly or in groups

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barn paint and varnish on rusted zinc panels, 2012.    1.25m x .48m


Several ‘takes’ on the same ridge

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red oxide, barn paint, ash, varnish, lime-wash, 2012, dimensions vary

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